• algodão doce

    Algodão Doce (Cotton Candy) – Embracing the theme of sustainability, Cotton Candy follows an ecological reasoning once its structure is cork (renewable material) and fillings with goose feathers. Linen and cottons (materials 100% natural) are the fabrics that complement the model. Its design and dimensions, purposely generous and a stripped and casual style are an …

  • sementes

    The linear surfaces with rounded edges and the joining processes bring smoothness and singularity to this collection.     Design 2007 Manuel Bastos the COLECtion

  • sébastien

    Its distinguishing trait is comfort. The feathers and down padding envelops and moulds itself to the body, and regains its initial shape just as quickly.      Design 2013 Manuel Bastos

  • domlego

    Inspired by Legos this collection features different volumes, possible to interconnect with each other to create conventional and bolder solutions.     Design 2009 Manuel Bastos